03 July 2015

Girl Scouts Return Donation, Then Triple It

A few days ago, I wrote about a woman who upholds her convictions--or, at least, the stated values of an organization she leads.

The Queen Anne Office (in Western Washington State) of the Girl Scouts received a $100,000 donation with a request that it wouldn't be used to help transgender girls.

That donation was equal to a quarter of the office's budget for a year. It could have sent hundreds of girls to camp.  But Megan Ferland returned it.

The office's online marketing manager then started #ForEVERYGirl, a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo.  As of last night, it raised $300,000.

Now, if the Girl Scouts can do that--and integrate trans girls fairly seamlessly, as they did with the first Black Girl Scouts in 1917 (the organization was founded five years earlier)--why do the Boy Scouts have such a problem with gay, let alone trans, Scouts and Scoutmasters?

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