09 July 2015

Another Reason To Love The Amish

One says, "It's up to me to accept people as they are."  Another declares, "Transgender is not part of God's plan." Still others say they want her to be happy.  And then there were some who, verbally, shrugged their shoulders.

As you might have guessed, they were reacting to Caitlyn Jenner.  But they didn't hear about her the way most of us did.  They don't watch television, let alone look at the Internet.  They don't even have most of the basic technology most of us (in the industrialized world, anyway) take for granted.

So how did the good folks in the Pennsylvania Amish country learn about Caitlyn?  Well, the fact that they (most of them, anyway) don't have TV didn't shield them from the news media--or, at least, one member of it.  Too bad he had to be one of the worst.

Although it wasn't their intent, the gentleness of the Amish people--whether they approved or disapproved of what Caitlyn has done--made Jesse Watters seem like even more of an ass than he normally does.


Even Bill O'Reilly seemed civilized by comparison!

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