01 July 2015

An NFL Player Tackled By Transgender Panic


To some people,  this equation is as ironclad as 2+2=4.  Yet when you ask those same people to name a specific case of a trans person who accosted, harassed, or assaulted anyone, or made anyone do anything against his or her will, they can't.  

It's one thing for people to believe stereotypes or myths out of fear or ignorance.  But it's absolutely vile and reprehensible when someone uses a myth or stereotype to escape responsibility for his or her actions, or to slander someone else.

I know:  Dominick did those things to me when I ended my relationship with him.  He spread rumors that traded in those stereotypes and tried to bully me with threats that he would continue to spread them and cause even more damage than he already had.

And I ended my relationship with him because he simply refused to take responsibility for the consequences of his words and actions.  Instead, he would portray himself as the victim whenever he was called to account.

The memory of those awful things he did came back when I saw this story about a football star who cheated on his wife, who was eight months pregnant at the time--and Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend.

Oh, but it gets even better.  Hank Baskett claims that when he went to a grocery store, he saw a couple smoking pot in a parking lot and approached them in the hope they--random strangers--would sell him some weed. They gave him a phone number to call; when he called, he was given an address where he showed up.  

Are you with me so far?  

So he arrived at the house, he says, and went to the bathroom.  (Hmm...So that's the first thing you do at a drug dealer's house!)  When he emerged from the loo, he says, he saw two trans women--one of them naked--making out. 

Then, he claims, one of them walked up to him and sampled the merchandise in his gym shorts.

"I didn't engage in anything," he says.  "It was like a bank robbery...I don't know if it was a couple of seconds or fifteen seconds, because all I was saying was 'get out, get out, get out."  

According to a magazine who published his story, he was so "distraught" and "humiliated" he couldn't tell his wife--Kendra Wilkinson--about it.  

Ah, yes,  the "transgender panic" defense.   He went to cop some blow and ended up getting a blow job from a stranger.  When he realized what a divorce would cost him, he got scared.  

Now, to be fair, a transgender model claimed to have an affair with Baskett while Wilkinson was pregnant and sold her story to a magazine.  If that model was lying, Baskett could have ignored or denied her story. But if the story about the affair is true, his "explanation" does nothing to make him seem less culpable.

Or more credible.  Does he really think anyone is stupid enough to believe his story?  Oh wait...Wilkinson claims she does. "He messed up," she says, "He was naive and gullible."  

Really....You can't make this stuff up!


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