30 April 2015

Gays Caused The Baltimore Riots. Bill Flores Says So.

Let's see...Gay people (which, in the minds of many, still include trans folk) have been blamed for Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and other natural disasters...the Benghazi attacks...the Newtown school shootings and other massacres...and...

...the riots in Baltimore.  Silly me.  I thought they were a reaction to the death of Freddie Gray.  Hmm...Here I was, thinking that people were (rightly) upset that another young black man in a racially divided city (and country) died while in police custody.  

It takes a greater mind than my own to understand, let alone explain, the slippery slope from allowing same-sex marriage to arson and looting in the streets. So I will let the estimable Bill Flores, a Republican (what else?) Representative from Texas, enlighten us:


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