06 March 2015

Related By Blood?

We've all heard the "nature vs. nurture" arguments.  In other words, some people believe we're born to be what we are, but others believe that our environment and other factors make us.

I'm old enough to remember when otherwise wise and erudite people believed that LGBT people chose to be what they are and that someone could "turn" someone else--usually younger--gay.  Some had the notion that gay men were made through molestation (Trust me, it ain't so!)  but I never heard that claim made about lesbians.  I did hear, though, that predatory dykes "raped" the innocent wives of upstanding men and, as a result, the wives no longer wanted the men.  What such a story says about the men, or anyone else, is something I won't get into in this post.  Maybe some other time.

Well, if we're born gay or trans (as I think most of us on the "spectrum" are), some say, perhaps we'll be able to know whether the kid about to be born will be gay, just as we can know his or her gender beforehand.

Hmm...Maybe phlebotomists can perform the test:

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