12 March 2015

More Jazz: A New Series On TLC

Oh, the lives we could have led...

I think about that whenever I hear about some young trans person who's living in--or, at least, transitioning to--her or his true gender.  It seems that their declaration of themselves is just the beginning:  They always seem to be doing other interesting things I--and most trans people of my generation--could not have imagined at their age.

Jazz Jennings is one such young trans person.  I talked about her in an earlier post, just after her "I Am Jazz", the transgender children's book she wrote, was published.

Now TLC network has announced that it will air The New Face of Transgender Youth, an 11-episode "docuseries" showing her daily life as she enters high school, approaches dating and avoids male puberty--and her parents encouraging her to be who she is while worrying about what's next.

Not only is she a reminder of the lives we could have led, she's also the example we could have had!

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