20 February 2015

Love Is Love Is Love

Sometimes I have to explain, even to  people who are or consider themselves to be accepting of LGBT people, that gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things.  In fact, just a few days ago, someone asked, "Why did you become a woman if you're attracted to them?"

The fact of the matter is, I can be attracted to any gender, really.  I have been attracted to males and females, sometimes both at the same time. And I have been attracted to people who don't fit traditional notions of gender expression, such as "butch" lesbians and even very masculine straight women.

Anyway, I haven't been looking for anybody, but if someone captures my heart, I don't really care what gender that person might be, though I have a feeling she will be a very different sort of woman--or, perhaps, a trans man.

Whoever he or she is, as long as the relationship we have is love, I'll be happy, I think.

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