25 February 2015

Her Family Behind Her

Some commentators are calling this the "transgender moment" of history.  Bruce Jenner is transitioning, and TV shows and movies have transgender characters--portrayed by trans people.  I have found that revealing my identity doesn't raise eyebrows the way it did even a few years ago.

Perhaps the best thing about all of this is high-profile parents and grandparents can publicly support a child's or grandchild's transition.  Congressman Mike Honda of California has recently tweeted that his 8-year-old grandchild Brody is becoming Malisa.  And his daughter, Michelle Honda-Philips, has often "stayed up into the wee hours" researching transgender issues as she watched her asked for ballet lessons and permission to wear a pink tutu and carry a "Hello Kitty" lunchbox.  

Because of her work, and her observation that her child is "insistent, persistent and consistent" in expressing her female identity, she decided to support her transition because, as the elder Honda said, "It's not a phase."

One sign that it isn't is that Malisa is not only attending school as a girl, she's also on its anti-bullying committee.  You might say that she's already become her mother, who also campaigns against bullying.


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