20 June 2014

Gays-Only Village Outed

Since I've been eating a vegan diet lately, I can't lick the egg off my face.  I have to remove it by other means.  Maybe Max and Marley will lick it off.

How did it get there? Well, yesterday I wrote a post about a proposed gays-only village in the Dutch city of Tilburg.

Turns out, the thing was a hoax.

But the fact that so many people--including yours truly--believed it shows us the degree of homo- and trans-phobia, even in a supposedly liberal country like the Netherlands.

The joke's perpetrators created it for that very reason. Who's responsible for the news that wasn't?  The Roze Maandag foundation, which, among other things, organizes Pink Monday, held in Tilburg every summer.  ("Roze Maandag" is Dutch for "Pink Monday".)  Not surprisingly, they orchestrated the hoax for the very reasons I said it worked.

Dorothy Parker once said that in this country, we elect our practical jokes.  I hope that the Dutch--or, for that matter, any other nation--don't erect physical structures based on hoaxes.

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