04 July 2015

Happy Fourth Of July! Get Ready!

Happy Fourth of July, a.k.a. US Independence Day!

Many in our community are still celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage.   Still, there's a long road ahead until we achieve equality in all areas of life.  In other words, we're still not close to freely exercising all of the things most people take for granted in the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights.

So...enjoy this dayAnd prepare for what's coming.

03 July 2015

Girl Scouts Return Donation, Then Triple It

A few days ago, I wrote about a woman who upholds her convictions--or, at least, the stated values of an organization she leads.

The Queen Anne Office (in Western Washington State) of the Girl Scouts received a $100,000 donation with a request that it wouldn't be used to help transgender girls.

That donation was equal to a quarter of the office's budget for a year. It could have sent hundreds of girls to camp.  But Megan Ferland returned it.

The office's online marketing manager then started #ForEVERYGirl, a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo.  As of last night, it raised $300,000.

Now, if the Girl Scouts can do that--and integrate trans girls fairly seamlessly, as they did with the first Black Girl Scouts in 1917 (the organization was founded five years earlier)--why do the Boy Scouts have such a problem with gay, let alone trans, Scouts and Scoutmasters?

02 July 2015

Freddie Really DidSomething

Before I started living full-time as a woman, I saw a therapist and social worker every week for a year.  And I saw them weekly for the first two years in my life as I am.

Both of them thought one of the most difficult--or at least intense--parts of my transition would be "coming out" in the college where I was teaching at the time.  About 800 faculty members taught and mentored 17,000 students; even though I planned to  announce my new name and identity only to my department chair and colleagues, and to all relevant administrators, I knew that word--and rumors--about it, and me, would spread quickly. I think that my therapist and social worker knew that would be just the beginning!

Still, if I include everyone in that college as well as family members, friends and others with whom I was in regular contact, I "came out" to, at most, about 30,000 people.  

I can only imagine what it would like to come out to two million!  That is what someone named "Alysha" did in introducing himself as "Freddie", a transgender male.

For three years, he'd been sending subscribers to DoSomething.org tips on recycling and other ways to do social good.  Now, it seems, he is teaching by example:  He talked about his struggles to come to terms with his identity and offered advice, encouragement or simply explanation to anyone who wants it.

He sure is doing something!