28 April 2014

"It's Only Words" Unless...

Maybe I don't get out enough.  That could be the reason why I don't know anyone who identifies as a "she male". 

I never identified that way--or as a "drag queen", "chick with a dick" or any of the other terms they use of porn websites and ads for sexual services.  For that matter, I don't know anyone who describes him or her self with those terms.

And--not to seem sanctimonious--I never would identify anyone in those ways--except, maybe, drag queen, and then only if he were to so identify himself.

Point is, those terms are almost always used in derogatory ways, much as "Nigger" and "Faggot" were until recently.  Now some young blacks and gay men so describe themselves, but most of them did not grow up hearing it as a slur or experiencing the discrimination and violence their forebears incurred.  

So, perhaps, one day non-gender-conforming males will take on the mantels of "she male", "chick with a dick" or "drag queen"--perhaps ironically, as many young people use the "F" and "N" words.  But for now, they cannot be seen as anything but derogatory, especially when they come from the likes of people who ought to know better, like RuPaul: