03 December 2014

Nothing On Top

When I was "cross-dressing"--which is to say, when I was dressing for the gender of my mind and spirit, the one in which I now live my life--I experimented with all kinds of clothing, shoes and accessories. 

But, to use a familiar (and possibly trite) metaphor in its completely literal sense, I didn't try on very many hats.  Actually, I hardly ever wore hats at all, and rarely wear them today.  For that matter, I almost never wore hats while I lived as male.

I guess I'm a product of my place and time:  Hats have never been an important fashion accessory during my lifetime.  In fact, I have a hard time wrapping my head around (pun intended) the notion that a proper gentleman or lady did not leave his or her home without some item of millinery adorning his or her head.

In other words, I wasn't around to see something like this:

This photo appeared today on another one of my favorite non-bike blogs: Old Picture of the Day.

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