01 November 2014

Can Someone Explain?

For all of my libertarian leanings, I never could understand Log Cabin Republicans.  All right, I take that back:  If the ones I've met are typical, they are--like the Romney/Cheyney/ Bush the Elder/Reagan wing of the party, concerned only with themselves.  They've made money and don't want to be bothered with anyone who hasn't--unless, of course, they can dupe is into helping them with their work.  A group of LCR's tried to do just that to me once, at an event in the LGBT Community Center of New York.  I told them something to the effect that I wished I could afford to be one of them, but that even if I could, I don't think I would join them. 

Then, of course, there is the Tea Party element.  I don't know how any gay or lesbian can align him or her self with them, but I hear there are such people.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised:  It also has people who have gotten and want to keep, and want to slam the door behind them.  (I must say, though, I've yet to hear of a gay or lesbian say that climate change or the Ebola outbreak are God's vengeance against gay people.)

Whatever motives a gay man who looks like he just stepped of the pages of Gentleman's Quarterly has for being a Republican, I don't think very many trans people share them.  In fact, I can't think of any reason for any trans person to vote for any Republican, even the ones who profess their support of same-sex marriage or other forms of equality for LGBT people.  Too many other policies in the GOP platform work against us.  I wonder whether the "gay-friendly" Republicans can see the inconsistencies in their platform.

But, I suppose, some trans folk are smarter than I am.  Or, at least, they can rationalize things I can't.  One of them is, apparently, Lauren Scott.  She is trying to unseat an incumbent Democrat assemblyman in a blue-collar district of Sparks, Nevada. 

What's really striking, though, is that she worked on John Kerry's Presidential campaign in 2004 and has a picture of herself with Vice President Joe Biden on her website.  

I wonder:  Did she get rich since then?  Or is she doing something trans people were advised to do in the days of Christine Jorgensen:  abandoning her past and re-inventing herself?  If she's doing that, why does she have the photo with Biden on her website?

Some things, I'll just never understand.


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