24 November 2014

A Female Cop Who Started To Live As A Man

Even though it's right in the middle--the capital, no less--of one of the most Republican states in the US, Austin is often described as one of the most "progressive" cities in the United States.  I have never been there, so I only know what I've heard and read about it--which includes claims that it's also the most segregated city in Texas.  That doesn't surprise me, as the skin colors in "progressive" or "liberal" enclaves tend to run from Golden Neutral to Alabaster.

Whatever the truth about Austin's community mindset, the city should be lauded for this:  It now has its first transgender police officer.  Greg Abbnik joined the force ten years ago.  For most of those ten years, Greg was known to fellow officers, and the community, as Emily.  

Others may hate it, but I just loved this sentence from the KXAN report:  "Joining as a woman, it wasn't until this year that he says he really started living".  

The italics in that sentence.  But my congratulations to Senior Officer Abbnik are.

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