10 June 2014

At Least They Didn't Misgender Him

Two weeks from Sunday, on 22 June, Cameron Partridge will give the sermon in the Washington National Cathedral.  

Why does that matter?  Well, Rev. Partridge is the first transgender to be ordained in the Episcopal Church--and, to my knowledge, one of the first transgender clergy members of any denomination in the United States.

He completed his transition in 2001.  Still, a commenter to the article I linked said that Rev. Partridge "should be happy with what God gave him."  I don't know whether to be appalled or amused: That comment is usually reserved for folks like me, i.e., male to female transgenders.

Perhaps I should do the Christian thing and give that commenter--who goes by the name "ohmama" credit for not misgendering Rev. Partridge.   

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