21 March 2014

Socially Relevant Messages From A Moral Monday

The days of graffiti "taggers" using New York City subway cars as their canvases, if you will, are long gone.

However, that doesn't stop "taggers" from leaving smaller, less-graphic--though sometimes more provocative--marks in less conspicuous places in the system.

The West Fourth Street station, with its multiple levels and mazelike corridors, offers a wealth of such nooks and crannies.  As if those features weren't enough, the station is in the heart of the Village and--are you ready for this?--has no exit or entrance to West Fourth Street.  You can enter or exit at West 8th or West 3rd Streets, or Waverly Place--but not the eponymous thoroughfare.

So it just figures that, the other day, on the platform for the A, C and E trains, I would find this:

The MTA is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the subway system. However, I have absolutely no idea of who "Moral Monday" might be. My curiosity is piqued.

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