15 March 2014

Add "Insincere" To "Ignorant", "Obnoxious" And "Bigoted"

I've become my mother.

All right, I'll admit, I was well on my way to becoming like her long before I started my gender transition.  After all, we have similar tastes in things ranging from food to TV shows and personalities.

A few years ago, during a holiday I spent with my parents, my mother and I were talking about something--I forget what, exactly.  I mentioned that I'd recently seen someone who hosted her own show.  "I can't stand her," I said.  "She's ignorant and obnoxious."

"Wendy Williams!" my mother interjected.

So it came as no surprise when I learned about her opposition to Chloie Jonnson's lawsuit against Cross Fit, which denied Jonnson the right to enter as a female in its fitness competition.

The video of her offending remarks, and the panel discussion during which she made them, has been removed from her website and YouTube.  She was covering her tracks (or someone was doing it for her), just as she was with her "apology".

I mean, doesn't every bigot try to deny who or what he or she is by claiming to be an "ally of the community" or some such thing?

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