05 February 2014

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Trannie Kills Baby!

The death of a small child is, of course, a tragedy.  It's all the worse when the child died in some brutal, painful way--particularly if he or she was abused by someone who was trusted to care for him or her.

Such is the story of Myls Dobson, a four-year-old boy found dead in a Manhattan apartment a month ago.  Shortly thereafter, Janaie Jones--his babysitter--was arrested and charged with his murder.

The police weren't sure who his legal guardian was:  His mother lost custody of him, which was granted to his father, who was in a New Jersey prison at the time of Myls' death.

Aside from the boy's death, the facts in the previous paragraph are--to me, anyway--the saddest part of this case.  However, those details have been, for the most part, lost in what has passed for reporting on his case.

Every story I've read in print or online, or heard over the radio, regarding Myls' death has led off with this:  The babysitter is transgendered.

She was born in Jamaica as Christopher Jones and, since coming to New York, has worked as a performer under the name Kryzie King.  Little else is known about her, except that she was, apparently, the girlfriend of the boy's father.

In the month that has elapsed since they found Myls' battered body in a bathtub, I have heard almost nothing else about him, his parents or the case.  Moreover, about all I know, to this day, is that Janaie Jones/Kryzie King was a transgender performer.  And all almost anybody else knows is that she's a transgender who killed a child--which, in many people's minds, makes the incident all the more lurid and sensational.

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