15 November 2013

Ira Steven Beatty Knows What We Need

Perhaps I don't pay enough attention to celebrities.  I hadn't heard much less about Warren Beatty or Annette Bening in a while.  So it wouldn't surprise you to know that I didn't know about their son Ira Steven, ne Kathlyn.

I only learned about the Beatty/Bening boy because of a new public-service announcement in which he appears.

In that video, he opposes a New York State Medicaid regulation that keeps trans people from accessing the health care they need.

The last six words of the previous sentence, by the way, are not mine:  They are in a New York Daily News article.  While not as Neanderthal as the Post, the Daily News has never been known as a progressive voice.  So I was a bit surprised to find such language in one of their articles.  Maybe the folks there are "getting it".

Other people will, too, if publications like the Daily News continue to report such facts and folks like Ira Stephen Beatty make PSAs.  I think even more people will realize that trangender health care needs are as legitimate as any other health care need when folks like his famous parents speak up on the issue, which they haven't done yet.