09 November 2013

Kincannon Uber Alles

As Horace Boothroyd III so aptly put it, Todd Kincannon wasn't talking about places where kids sit around campfires toasting marshmallows and singing Kumbayah.

Who is Todd Kincannon?  He's the former head of the Republican Party in South Carolina--the state that, per capita, has put more flat-out lunatics into public office than any other. 

That state gave the world none other than Strom Thurmond,  who defended his support of segregation and opposition to civil rights legislation long after the last Tyrannosaurus Rex died out. All right, I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.  The guy lived to be 100, and served as a Senator right up to the end, all the while trying to bring back Jim Crow laws.  Finally, just after he died, it was revealed that in his early 20's, he fathered a child with his family's then-16-year-old Black housekeeper.  

Todd Kincannon follows in that noble tradition.  This is what he tweeted:  "There are people who respect transgender rights.  And there are people who think you should be put in a camp.  That's me."

What I find really astounding is that he actually acknowledges that some people respect transgender rights.  If he doesn't respect them--even if he hates us--what does that make him?

Oh, but that wasn't enough.  He followed up his twit's twitter with this:  "If concentration camps aren't going to work, mental institutions will do just fine."

Somehow it seemed appropriate to post Kincannon's remarks on the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht.  

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