14 May 2013

She Knows What's Best For Your Kids

Dear Reader, 

I'm very, very sorry for making your little Johnny think he's Jane.  It never, ever was my intention.  

From now on, I will depict my own transition in the most negative light possible.  I will do the same for my friends who have changed, or are changing, their genders from the ones they were assigned at birth.  And I will show all of the transsexual celebrities I've mentioned on this blog to be the depraved, sick individuals they actually are.

After all, you are not raising Johnny to be Jane, and I wouldn't want to complicate your task by putting subversive ideas into his pretty little head. 

Now, if you've been reading this blog, you know that I did not mean a single word of the above "letter".  But, I suspect that Linda Harvey would wish that I did. 

She's a conservative Christian radio talk-show host.  I've never listened to her:  In fact, I don't know whether she can be heard on any stations here in New York.  Apparently, though, she has influence elsewhere. 

In one of her recent broadcasts, she argued that gay-friendly websites are dangerous to impressionable--and hormonal--young minds because they act as a kind of gateway to hard-core gay porn.

Now, when I was impressionable and hormonal, there weren't any gay-friendly websites. Well, all right, there weren't any websites.  On the other hand, there wasn't much that was gay-friendly outside of a few bars and clubs in a few cities.  But, frankly, what I did see of homosexuality and transgenderism didn't entice me to explore those things within myself:  The notion that I could be either or both, frankly, scared the hell out of me. 

All right, so maybe I wasn't a typical kid, whatever that is.  Then again, Linda Harvey isn't typical, either, even for a right-wing Evangelical broadcaster.  

If you want to hear another of her pearls of wisdom, check this out:

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