09 May 2013

I'm Married To A Woman, But Only One Of Us Is A Lesbian...

Don't worry:  I'm still single.  Jennifer Finney Boylan (who else?) uttered the title of this post.

She did a great job of explaining the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation to Joy Behar.  Boylan told her to imagine she'd just become a man. "Do you want to sleep with women?"  Behar--not surprisingly--said "no."  

"But you're still you."So now you're a gay man!"  I've always enjoyed watching Joy Behar, and figured that she was, if not trans-friendly, at least educable on the subject.  Her interview with Jennifer Boylan confirmed that for me.

The most important thing Boylan said, of course, is that even if you "change" your gender, "you're still you." And, as she pointed out, "gender is  not who you want to go to bed with; it's who you go to bed as."

You can see the interview here:

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