10 March 2012

Gay Time

When I was teaching at LaGuardia Community College, I helped to organize an event called "Queer CUNY."  Every year, it's held on a different campus of the City University of New York.  That year, it was held at LaGuardia, marking the first time the event took place in one of CUNY's community colleges.

We were trying to decide when a certain workshop should begin.  After deciding on a time, one of the student organizers quipped, "Will that be Eastern or Gay Daylight Time?

He was making light of a stereotype:  that LGBT events never start on time.  I won't say whether or not that's true.  On the other hand, I want to make some attempt to define "Gay Time."

Here is one definition of Gay Time:  http://24timezones.com/usa_time/ga_meriwether/gay.htm

If you prefer, you can check Gay mountain time:  http://24timezones.com/usa_time/wv_logan/mount_gay.htm

Remember to set your clocks forward!