15 November 2012

Trans Woman Tasered In Her Groin

I used to think some of the most ignorant stuff I'd heard and read was published and broadcast as "news" in the New York Post and on Faux (I mean Fox) News.

Now it seems that some of the ones who post comments on New York Daily News articles--especially ones about trans people--are giving the Posties and Foxies some competition, whether or not that is their intention.

Just take a look at what some of them said in response to the report of Brooke Fantelli being tasered in the groin by a Bureau of Land Management Agent who asked for her ID.  You have probably guessed what happened next:  The agent--identified as J. Peter-- looked at her license, which still identified her as male. The politeness and courtesy which he'd shown her up to that moment turned to hostility and aggression:  "Ma'am" and "Miss" became "Sir" and "Dude."

From a video I've seen, and other accounts I've read, Ms. Fantelli was compliant.  She had been shooting some video and drinking beer with a friend in the desert near Los Angeles.  But she was not trespassing on or destroying property, or harming other people or wildlife--or, as far as anyone could tell, breaking any laws.  Even if her blood alcohol level had been over the legal limit (no test was administered), it is not likely that she was guilty of any offense, for she was not driving.  

Even if she had been drinking and driving, or trespassing (which doesn't seem likely because, as far as anyone knows, the land was neither restricted nor private), there was no reason to taser Ms. Fantelli.  For that matter, there was no reason for "J. Peter" or anyone else to use any sort of physical force against her.

In other words, if "J.Peter" would have been a civilian, he'd be guilty of a hate crime.  Some of the folks who comment on Daily News articles seem to think it's justice.

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