03 April 2012

It's Against The Rules--Whatever They Are

"It's against the rules."

"Which rules?"

"You know, the rules."

"Which ones?"

"I dunno.  But I know it's against the rules."

"Where can I find them?"

"Get outta here!"

Somehow I can imagine Jenna Tackalova having such an exchange with Donald Trump or one of the executives of the Miss Universe contest.  At first, contest organizers told her she couldn't participate.  Then, in an official statement, they told her she can compete, provided she meets "the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions." 

Talk about a weasely, waffling, wishy-washy answer! Worse, the statement did not elaborate on what the standards are.  Trump, who owns the Miss Universe competitions, at least said she could enter Miss Universe-Canada because under the laws of that country, Tackalova, a Vancouver native, is a woman.  However, Trump also said that each country has its own rules for the competition and that under the rules for the Miss Universe competition, contestants must be "naturally born-females."

Those rules are not posted anywhere on the Miss Universe website. Furthermore, no one seems able to find a copy of them.  Now Gloria Allred is calling on Trump to give "a clear answer--not a wimpy or wishy-washy type of answer."  She wonders whether he "will eliminate this abhorrent rule"--which no one can seem to find in print or online.  

Jenna Tackalova still is left to wonder whether or not she can compete in the Miss Universe-Canada contest, and what rules might be preventing her from doing so.

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