01 April 2012

The Dumbest Things Ever Said About Us

Gay marriage is like 9/11.

Gay sex causes men to need diapers.

Adolf Hitler was an active homosexual.

"Glee" is part of a plot to undermine America.

I wish all of those statements were April Fool's jokes.  However, they were uttered, in all earnestness and seriousness, by public figures, including one who is running for President.

You can read more of "The Dumbest Things Ever Said About Gay People" here.

Hmm...I wonder what dumb things they've said about trans people.  What are the dumbest things you've heard?  I'll tell you one I've heard:  that terrorists could undergo a "sex change operation" to slip "under the radar" and wreak havoc.  I actually heard that from a government employee when, before I had my surgery, I tried to get a new passport.

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