01 July 2011

Moving Into The Revolution

Something is changing again, perhaps.  Within or without me?  

This is the time of year when such things happen.  Only a week ago, Governor Cuomo signed the same-sex marriage legislation--a couple of days before the anniversary of Stonewall.

And I think of the things that are coming up.  My official birthday is the 4th of this month (Yes, on "The Fourth"!); my own birthday--the one on which I gave birth to who I am now--is the 7th.  And the 14th is the anniversary of my name change and my sobriety.  (No, they didn't happen in the same year!)  

There's just something about this time of year.  I can understand why so many of the world's revolutions--including the American and French--have begun at this time of year.  

It's very, very interesting (at least to me) that I seem to be making new friends now.  And I decided, on a whim, to take a trip to someplace where I've never been before:  Prague.  I am also going to move ahead with my writing:  I will devote more time to it, and to getting it published and reaping other benefits for me.  Finally, I've decided, for once and for all, that I'm not going for a PhD, or any further schooling in any other academic area.  No, I'm not going to school for law or social work, either.  One thing I learned from my brief foray into PhD studies is that if I'm motivated to learn something, I don't need to be in school for it.

Well, at least I'm prepared in one way for whatever comes next:  I know that I'm going in a direction for which my previous experiences have provided me very little preparation but, I hope, ample resources.

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