07 April 2011

Another Campaign of H8

Even if you haven't heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, you may know about its founder, Reverend Fred Phelps.  And even if you don't know about either one, you probably know about some of the things they've done.  Back in 1998, they showed up at the funeral of Matthew Shepard, chanting "God Hates Fags."  A few years later, they would show up at the funerals of American military members who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There, they yammered about how God hates the military and that he would destroy the very soldiers and airmen who were fighting there.  

I guess this all shows that hate really is a cancer that feeds on everything around it.  How else could a pastor and his followers, all of whom purport to be Christians, be so filled with hate?  

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