13 March 2011

Japan and the Children of Chernobyl

It seems that things are going from bad to worse in Japan.  Now there's been a meltdown in one of the nuclear reactors there, and radiation has been detected more than 100 miles away.

I've never had children and probably never will. I also don't think I'm an extraordinarily sensitive person.  But I can't help but to think about the children of Chernobyl:  the ones who were affected by that disaster as well as the ones who've been born since then.  

In addition to the ones who've been sick, there are the ones who've dealt with the loss of parents and other family members.  Even if they haven't had such tragedies befall them, they have been exposed to radiation and as most haven't the means, and others the desire, to leave, they will be exposed to that radiation for the rest of their lives.  

And the mothers, if they survived, will have to deal with their kids getting sicker and possibly dying before them.  Could a similar fait await the mothers and children of Japan?

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