10 February 2011

What Do I Do Now?

Yesterday I was actually starting to like the idea of moving.  Well, I wasn't thinking so much of moving as I was of being in an apartment with more windows and light than what I have in mine.  And I do like the woman with whom I'd be sharing the place.

I just hate having to move.  I've done it a few times before, but it's never easy or fun.  And when I'm moved in, I'm so slow to unpack and arrange things.  I guess I still get overwhelmed by all of the tasks involved.  

Plus, I haven't lived with anyone since Tammy and I split up. That was eight and a half years ago.  And, if I recall correctly, the last time I lived with anyone before Tammy, I was with Eva, and about a decade before I met Tammy.

At least the woman with whom I'd be living is not someone with whom I am, or have ever been, in a romantic relationship. And I don't anticipate that we'll become one.  However, she has expressed interest in shopping and eating with  me.  So I also don't anticipate that we'll be merely two people who split the rent.

Oh, and Charlie and Max like her. 

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