09 February 2011

Into More Light?

I don't know whether I have become more photosensitive after hormones and surgery.  Lately it's seemed that way.  I've been realizing that spending so much time indoors hasn't helped my mood.  Nor has the amount--or lack--of light in my apartment.

It does get some light, but not as much as the place in which I'd been living before moving here.  Sometimes it can get pretty dreary in here.  I've entertained thoughts of moving.  But I don't like to move.  It's not the change I don't like; it's the logistics that I find daunting, even after doing it a few times.

But I talked about moving in with someone who's looking for an apartment-mate.  She's my age, shares some of my sensibilities and has a light-filled apartment with a small balcony.  And the price is right--at least for me.  

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