13 April 2010

Two In a Row, Nine Months Later.

Today I did something I haven't done since June:  I rode my bike to work for the second consecutive day.

When I was parking my bike, Vanessa, a former student of mine, was sitting by a window in the college's day care center.  "I'm so happy to see you on your bike again!" she cooed.  A girl who looked to be three or four years old said, Lady on bike!"

Yesterday was cool but very bright:  The sort of early spring day that's like an Easter Sunday one might remember from very early childhood and to which, if one is very fortunate, he or she will return in dreams.  About a dozen or so years ago, my mother made an album for me.  On a couple of pages are photos of visits to grandparents and great-aunts and uncles on Easter Sundays past.  Whenever I look at them, I can practically taste the cool, crisp air and feel the sunshine.  

The skies thickened with clouds and threatened rain  and early afternoon.  Although I saw a few people with umbrellae during my lunch break, the sidewalks, paths and streets were all as dry as they were yesterday. 

And I made it to the college on my bike!    Now I'm even more tired than I was yesterday.    But I couldn't be happier, at least about the fact that I made it back...just in time to fall asleep!