01 December 2010

Beauty Sleep

Soo tired.  I feel like I'm still catching up from my illness back in October.  There hasn't been any end to the papers I've had to grade and just the work, in general. I didn't go to work for a week, and I couldn't even read papers because my eyes were hurting too much. But that week seems to have set me back a month.

The weird thing is that in all of this, I've had people tell me that I looked good.  Some are people I know well enough to know that they weren't saying it sarcastically.  But I've heard it from acquaintances and even strangers.  (No, the guy who yelled "Hey Sexy" from his SUV window doesn't count!)

Hmm...Maybe the world likes tired women.  Or, at least, men do.  What's with that?

It's really strange, the way you sometimes get compliments when you feel you don't merit them.  In some weird way, it makes me think of a semester when, at least in terms of my teaching, nothing seemed to go right or well. I think I taught two decent class sessions, if that, all semester.  Yet I got one of my best evaluations.  Not only that, the prof who evaluated me was said to be the toughest critic in our department, if not in the whole college.  

I suppose that those who are more optimistic than I am (though, I must say, I think I'm fairly optimistic) would say that I was getting the compliments when I needed them.  One or two of my friends, one of whom is a practicing Buddhist, would say that it was my karma.  Hmm...Maybe I was a better person, or had a harder time, in a past life.  Interesting.  

Now I'm going to get whatever sleep I can.  My beauty sleep, ha, ha, ha.

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