08 September 2010

Gender Studies

OK, now I’m going to offend Floyd “I have a naturally high testosterone level”  Landis  and get myself barred from every gender studies program in the world.  But it will be a lot of fun.  Here goes:

All cyclists are, or should have been born, women because

  •        We absolutely must have the right shoes.
  •         We absolutely must have the right bag.
  •         Not having the right outfit can ruin our day.
  •         We accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
  •     We know that titanium is sooo 1996.
  •     We spend more to get less.
  •      We justify maxing out credit cards and raiding 401 K’s by saying, “I bought it on sale!”
  •     We can never be rich or thin enough. (Don’t I know about this one!)
  •      No matter what we do, we end up with “helmet hair.” 
  •      Our spouses/partners/loved ones simply cannot understand.
Trust me:  I know!

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