13 March 2010

Another Tempest (a Nor'easter, actually)

What a wild season this is! Here in New York, we have had hurricane-force winds and, according to the most recent measurement in Central Park, four inches of rain so far today. And it's supposed to rain, though not quite as much, tomorrow.

Canal Street in Manhattan just may live up to its name. If it does, will free gondola service be provided? The street used to be the unofficial boundary between Chinatown and Little Italy. But, as there aren't many Italians left (and Chinese people have taken their place) in the latter neighborhood, I don't know who'll sing "O Sole Mio" or whatever the Venetian gondoliers sing.

I guess that means we'll have to take the Queen Elizabeth II--or Le Bateau Ivre. Whichever one comes, I hope it's not bearing the Right Duke of Milan and his daughter.

And we're supposed to get more of the same tomorrow, except that the wind won't blow and the rain won't fall as hard as it did today.

Two weeks ago, we had one of the most intense blizzards in the history of this area. I was going home the night it started. There seemed to be no defense against it: The wind blew umbrellas apart and dense snowflakes into people's faces. Today's storm has been like that one with warmer (though not warm!) weather: If anything, the wind is even more intense now, so there is no escape from the rain.

Oh well...Time to move the clocks ahead, let Charlie and Max cuddle me and fall asleep. Actually, I'm falling asleep already. So, before I type something I regret, I'll let the rain and my cats work their magic on me and lead me into dreamsville.

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