10 February 2010

Under The Snow

Well, we did get a snowstorm. It wasn't quite as bad as predicted. At least, there doesn't seem to be as much snow as we were told to expect. But it has been very windy, so that puffy snowflakes feel like needles against your face.

The college and other schools will be open tomorrow. I expected that; I didn't think the mayor or the administration of the college wanted the schools to be closed again: Tomorrow is Thursday, and I don't think they want to open only for Friday when they'll be closed again on Monday for Presidents' Day.

Now that everything is covered with snow, the neighborhood looks like a kind of urban-industrial wedding cake. Everything is in white layers, and the cars and buildings look, in some weird way, like the tiers on the base. But I find it rather more charming than a wedding cake or almost anything that goes along with it.

Yesterday, when I saw Lara in the ladies' room of the West Wing, I also saw Rashnie for the first time since at least June. She works in the Provost's office and made me promise her that I'd take her shopping. She always wants to know where I got my shoes, brooch or something else that I'm wearing. Yesterday, she asked when I'm getting married.

"When I can do it right."

She liked that. And Lara asked whether I'm dating a man. I told her I'm not, but I'm not in a hurry: After all, I'm starting a whole new life, really.

What I didn't tell her that I can just as easily get involved with a woman as with a man. After all, I've had attractions to both, if to some unusual examples of each. Unusual in what way?, you ask. Well....

This isn't to say that I'm renouncing men. Far from it. One thing I've learned is that a satisfying sexual life with someone follows from a connection on a spiritual and intellectual level, or at least an emotional one. I'm not talking about one or two nights of wild sex: All you need for that is someone who's crazier than you are. (Believe it or not, I actually can find such people! ;-)) I'm not boasting when I say I've had enough of that to last a couple of lifetimes, at least. I'm past wanting sex for its own sake, much less as a form of conquest, and I've never had sex for reproductive purposes. So how could sex be anything but icing on the cake of some sort of connection--for me, at this point in my life, anyway?

I found that I really thought less--a lot less--about sex after I was on hormones for a few months. I didn't lose my drive; it just didn't preoccupy me as it once did. (At least, now I feel that I was preoccupied with it, at least when I compare how I was to how I am now.) I used to tell other women I know that I couldn't believe how horny men are, and I wondered aloud whether I was like them. Now I have no less desire than I did back in the day, but I now realize that what I really want are the things that go along with sex, at least the kind of sex I'd want to have. I'm not talking about toys or devices, although some of those things can be fun; rather, I'm talking about the feelings and the kind of time I'd want to spend with a lover.

Hey, I ain't one of those kids with a roll of quarters in his pants--and it ain't in his pocket!

Speaking of someone with whom I wouldn't want to have sex, I bumped into him today. I'm not talking about the one who called me at work last night; I mean someone who was a neighbor in the place I moved from. I hadn't seen him since last spring: I'd heard that his two roommates went back to India.

Anyway, the guy I saw today used to hit on me when he was drunk, which was often. Today he was sober and friendly toward me; he was eager to talk about the past few months. Turns out, he's about four blocks from where we used to live. It sounds like the place in which he's living is better; at least, the neighborhood's a bit more convenient. And he's living by himself. Maybe getting away from those other guys is doing him good.

At least he wasn't hitting on me. Or, if he was, I wasn't noticing it. We shook hands and I wished him well in whatever he does. I mean, really, what else could I do?

Later, it occured to me that the last time I saw him was a couple of months before my surgery. It made me wonder what he did, didn't, does and doesn't know about me. Even though I have no desire to date, much less have sex, with him, I wonder: Was he hitting on a "real" or transgender woman? I would guess the former, simply because other women in the neighborhood--most of whom look better than I do--said he hit on them, too. And my old landlady said he did the same to her sister.

At least all of that's over and done with--buried, like so much else under today's snow.

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