02 July 2009


Now the fun begins. Five more days until surgery, and I keep on wondering whether I'm forgetting something. I don't mean as in stuff to bring; I mean things I am supposed to do in order to prepare.

As I'm looking at the checklist, I realize that there are a few things I'll need when I get back from the surgery. I don't know whether I'll want to deal with stores or any public places in the days immediately after the surgery, so I should probably go and buy those things tomorrow.

So that will mean another shopping trip tomorrow. And I was hoping to get in another bike ride: I've done so little, compared to other years, and I'll be off my bike for three months after the surgery. Oh well.

I am so tired now and I have a headache. This headache's been coming and going ever since I reduced my hormone dosage. I hope that the surgery, if nothing else, stops these headaches. Hey, that's what I'll tell my therapist: I want to undergo GRS to stop my headaches. Now there's a good reason to change one's life.

Maybe going to bed--and falling asleep, if I can do that now--will help. But how is it that I can drift off in my chair, but when I get into bed, I don't fall asleep for a while?

But I'll go to bed now, anyway.

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