02 March 2009


School's out....for today.

It snowed last night, let up this morning and snowed some more this afternoon. In all, eight or ten inches, depending on which report you believe, covered the streets, cars, houses and the park. It's the biggest snowfall we've had in couple of years, at least.

But the worst part of today's weather was the wind. Of course, it makes cold weather feel frigid. What made things worse today was that it whipped the snow around, turning puffy flakes into needles against the skin. Garbage cans and all sorts of other objects tumbled down the streets and sidewalks. I think that's the real reason why schools closed: Navigating was hazardous, if not dangerous.

So today was a day to curl up with a good book....and catch up on my reading. One thing I'd forgotten about being a student: You're never caught up. Same thing with teaching: There's always a pile of papers and students who wanted them returned yesterday. With an "A," of course.

You're never caught up...on work. On the bills. In love. In...well, you name it. How is that?

If I were to catch up, what would happen to me? I forget who said that when you don't have any more bills to pay, you die. Or is it the other way around? Would I have to find another job if I didn't have a stack of students' papers and exams in front of me?

No work left to do. Nothing to look forward to. What would that be like? I hope that's not what the days after surgery will be like. I mean, after all, I've never looked forward to anything as much for as long as I've anticipated the surgery. I know that there will be other things to do, most of them things I'm already doing.

Well, I know one thing: I won't be shovelling snow. I won't be able to do that. Besides, I don't think there'll be any snow to shovel at that time of year. But, as they say, you never know.

For now, I have a day off, work, hope and anticipation. I guess it's not a bad combination.

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