26 March 2009

Defending Him: Catfight?

I'm not a violent person. But I did have a fleeting thought...

Dominick told me about a female co-worker who accused him of cursing at her and calling her names. It seems that this woman, who's a good bit older than him, is trying to get him to do all of her work, and he refused. So she complained to their principal.

Now, given the difficulties I've had in workplaces, I may not be the best person to give him advice. But I advised him to talk to his immediate supervisor and the principal at least once a week. I don't think that they believe, deep down, that he's vindictive, foul-mouthed or any of those other things she says he is. I know he isn't. But at least if he keeps in touch with his superiors, and if he can get someone to witness his work with that woman, he has a better chance of being treated fairly.

"I'd be willing to vouch for you," I volunteered.

He thought about it, and talked more about the situation. Then he joked, "I know! I'll tell her my girlfriend is coming in."

"Tell her I'm una rubia muy alta y muy fuerte."

"What did you just call her?"

"Tell her your girlfriend is tall, blonde and really strong."

We both laughed. But it got me to thinking about what I would do if I were ever in a confrontation with another woman. If she's the size of most Latinas I've seen, I'd tower over her. And, even as sedentary as I've become, I'd probably have more physical strength. And, if she's bothering Dominick, she'll have to contend with the rage of both genders in one woman!

Would she back off? Would I bitch-slap her? Or would it turn into a scene from The Jerry Springer Show?

How, exactly, would other women handle this situation? I know lots of women have resorted to violence when another woman was doing something inappropriate with her boyfriend or husband. Others have evoked--verbally or otherwise--the threat of such violence and the other woman backed off.

Now I'm recalling one instance of the latter. Tammy and I were in the gift shop of the Chateau d'Amboise, which has always been one of my favorite buildings in the world. A woman--Polish, I think (I saw her getting off a Polish tour bus) about our age at the time (40, give or take) followed us--to be more precise, me--closely. Tammy and I had been cycling through the countryside for about two weeks, and I was riding just about everywhere every day for a few years before the trip, so I was in very good shape. And that woman was looking at my body--specifically, my legs.

I'll admit that hers weren't half-bad. Nor was the rest of her body. I'll also admit that I was taking some furtive pleasure in it, though I had no intention of "accidentally" bumping into her. And, twined with that low-grade thrill I was experiencing was a bit of uneasiness. Tammy and I had been having a great time and I didn't want to spoil it. I mean, few things are worse than bringing someone to another country where you speak the language and she doesn't, and making her unhappy. No, I didn't want to do that to her.

Tammy hadn't noticed. But then she said I looked "nervous" about something. I told her about the woman, who was standing a few feet away from us in the gift shop. "Is she bothering you?"

"No, just looking at me."

"Well, if she does anything, I'll ruin her trip."

I was not in any danger, but I was glad Tammy was ready to "defend" me. And I don't think that woman would have lasted very long against Tammy!

That night....

I didn't continue that last sentence because there are some things a lady should not talk about. She should do nothing more than enjoy them. And that is exactly what this woman--the one writing this blog--did.

I never thought about this before, but Tammy was "defending" a "man." Then she made love to a woman. She said so. In fact, she often said that throughout our relationship--at first, affectionately; later, as an accusation. And, she said, it was the reason why, a few months before we actually broke up, we stopped having sex. "I can't sleep with a woman!" she exclaimed.

Now I'm wondering: If I went and confronted Dominick's co-worker, or any other woman who was bothering him, would either he or I be aroused? Both of us? What would that lead to?

And you thought this was a "family" blog!

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