09 December 2008

School Sucks

Another crazy, busy Tuesday after an all-nighter at the college. Lately it seems that my every waking hour is spent at the college, or doing things related to, or for the sake of, my job at the college.

I've hardly done any bike riding lately and worry that I'm gaining the weight that I lost in the fall. If I get to see Dominick once a week, I'm lucky. Even Mildred, who lives right across the street, doesn't see much of me.

I wish I could see more of them, of Bruce, of Nina, of Regina and my parents: anyone with whom I don't have to discuss work! Needless to say, I'd love to read something that's not some convoluted collection of minutiae or any other collection of words that would not be listened to, much less taken seriously, were it in any other environment.

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