02 October 2008

Thursday classes

Another Thursday, my longest day of the week. On "normal" Thursdays, I have a break in the middle of the day. But today I had a meeting, which took up much of that time.

Lemme tellya, it was tough going back after a couple of days off. But at least three of my four classes were really good. The fourth...well, let's just say they're in a different stage of development. The funny thing is, another class, all full of kids just out of high school. does the assigned readings and writings and is prepared to participate in class. And they're just, well, nice.

Not that the other class is--can be--nice, too. But, surprisingly, even though the students look a few years older, they are less mature. Of twenty students in that class, about twelve showed up, and three did the readings I assigned.

But the last class--they're great. It's one of the business writing classes I teach. Since it's an evening class, all of the students--all of them women-- come in from work. And I think only of them is under 35 years old.

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