19 July 2014

What Do They Mean By A "Transgender Tipping Point"?

Sometimes I despair over National Public Radio.  While it's certainly more balanced (or, al least, broadcasts fewer out-and-out falsehoods) than right-wing radio talk shows or Fox News, it's still, shall we say, lacking in cojones sometimes.  

But this exchange between Dr. Julie Eastin, Mara Keisling and host Diane Rehm looks as if it might have been interesting, even lively.  I'm not exactly sure of what Ms. Rehm means by a "tipping point." I'm not even sure she knows.  But I have little doubt that the editors of Time magazine hadn't the foggiest notion of what they were saying. I think they just liked the alliteration:  Transgender Tipping Point.

Anyway, I give credit to Ms. Rehm for bringing Ms. Keisling and Dr.Eastin on her show, and doing what seemed to be a good job of moderating.

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