18 June 2014

Ennis Fired As ABC News Producer

"A gender-flipping producer from ABC news now has a pink slip to go with her pink slip."

If you think that line opened a New York Post article, you're close.  It's actually in the New York Daily News.

Last year, Don Ennis announced he was living his wife of 17 years and would henceforth live as Dawn.  Three months later, he said he was "misdiagnosed" and would return to living as Don.  A two-day bout of "amnesia" made him realize he wanted to live as Don again.

Just recently, Don realized he did indeed want to live as Dawn after all and once again re-emerged from the closet. Shortly thereafter, ABC news fired her for "performance-related issues" that had nothing to do with her gender-switching.

Now, I'm not in a position to know whether Ennis is indeed Don or Dawn--or both, or what his situation at ABC was.  I would suspect that, until his transition, they must have thought he was doing a good job if they kept him on their payroll for as long as they did.

Whatever the story, Don Kaplan, who filed the Daily News story should be ashamed of his immaturity.

Note:  I identified Ennis as male or female, as Don or Dawn, as he/she identified him/her self throughout the past year.  I don't mean, in any way, to pass any judgment on what Ennis' "real" gender or name might be.

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