26 April 2014

Declaring His Grandson An Equal

This 80-year-old man just did something I've never done and probably never will do.  

No, I'm not talking about having grandkids, although I don't, in fact, have any--and probably won't.  Rather, I mean something that, honestly, I've had even less inclination to do:  get a tatoo.

So why did "Grandpa Frank" get himself poked and inked?  Well, the design might provide a clue:  It's an equal sign--the symbol used by Marriage Equality acivists.

No, he didn't get hitched with one of his buddies.  "Grandpa Frank" got the image tatooed onto his wrist as a sign of support for his grandson, who recently "came out" and had the same image etched onto his wrist.


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