02 July 2013

Capital Crimes Against Trans Women Of Color

In recent posts, I mentioned the spate of anti-LGBT crimes in New York during the days leading up to Pride.  It seems that any city with a visible LGBT community--particulalry one that's a destination for such events as Pride--experiences at least its share of such attacks.

However, in one such city, the "Pride Season" crime spress seems to have taken a particularly disturbing turn:  The victims are male-to-female transgenders of color.

That city is the capital of the USA:  Washington, DC. This past Saturday morning--the day before Pride--a transgender woman was shot and another was stabbed.  The attacks on them followed other attacks on trans women of color during the weeks leading up to Pride.  

Also, on the previous Saturday, a lesbian was shot to death in what was described as a botched robbery.  Whether or not that is the case, it's still disturbing to see that LGBT people--especially trans people, and those of color--are over-represented in the roster of hate crime victims, and that some of the more brutal of such crimes are happening in this nation's capital.

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