04 July 2013

A Fourth Anniversary on the Fourth

I can't believe that four years--almost--have passed since my surgery!

On this date four years ago, I flew from LaGuardia to Denver International Airports, then to Colorado Springs, where I spent the night.  It's the one and only time I've spent my birthday in transit, I believe. But it was appropriate somehow: On the anniversary of my physical arrival in this world, I was on my way to my birth--or, at least, the birth of the person I have always wanted to be.

The following day, Robin from Dr. Bowers' office picked me up and drove me to Trinidad.  I recall the easy rapport we seemed to have and how calm I felt through my trip and the time up to the very moment of my surgery.  Of course, that calm immediately before the surgery was an effect of the anaesthesiologist's work.  But the time before then had much to do with Robin, other people I met in Trinidad and, of course, Dr. Bowers herself.

On this day four years ago, I was on my way.

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