28 January 2013

A Date With Jazz

In case you missed Barbara Walters' latest interview with "Jazz", an 11-year-old transgender girl whose story Ms. Walter has been following for the past five years, here it is:


I think most of us who are transgendered can identify with Jazz's "awkward moment".  How do you tell that person to whom you are attracted, or who is attracted to you, about your history?

She mentions the heartbreak she experiences every time she looks below her waist:  She was born with a boy's body, but she knows she's a girl.  That is indeed a source of great sadness and anger.   Having surgery ends at least some of those feelings.  However, those of us who transition in our 40's and 50's still feel sad and, at times, frustrated that we could not have lived our entire lives in our true genders.

I applaud both "Jazz" and Ms. Walters for continuing to share this story with the public.  And I hope "Jazz" gets the boy of her dreams!

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