03 February 2012

Today's post is going to be a rant that will lead to a long rhetorical question.  So consider yourself forewarned!

Ever since I can remember, I have heard people say that letting kids see--let alone teaching them about--gays, lesbians and transgender people will "confuse" them or "give" them "ideas".  Two couples who were once in my life gave me, essentially, the same rationale for ending their relationships with me after I began my transition.  They said things like "I don't want my kids exposed to things like that."

At least they've spared me the most spurious and simply ridiculous allegation of all:  that I might try to "recruit" their kids.  Oh, yes, we're all trying to "recruit" kids into facing the same sort of rejection we face.   I guess we're all sadists and don't want to admit it.

All right:  I'll get off the rant.  Now, to cut to the chase--or the long rhetorical question I promised you, anyway.  Here goes:  How is it that people can say I, or any other LGBT person, is bad for kids, yet those same people will let their kids watch stuff like "Family Guy"?  I mean, there was an episode in which Baby Stewie pulled out a machine gun and shot his mother full of holes.  (And peple say we have mother issues!)  Plus, he and the rest of the family continuously make fun of the physically unattractive and socially awkward daughter Meg.  Is that somehow a better example for children than an LGBT person who's an accomplished professional and raises a child he or she adopted?

Some would say, "But that's TV!" or "It's a cartoon!"  True enough.  But most Americans still think cartoons are OK for kids, and Fox has never made any effort to encourage adults to keep kids from watching the show.  Now tell me, what kind of a message is that for kids?

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