25 February 2011

Where Is Kye Allums?

It occurs to me just now that I haven't heard anything about Kye Allums in a while.  

Perhaps you haven't heard anything about him, either.  That's not surprising, because his story got play, but not prominence in the media back in November.

He made history then by becoming the first openly transgender player to suit up for a men's NCAA basketball team, namely that of George Washington University.  

While there were some controversies, they paled in comparison to those generated by Lana Lawless.  I guess that makes a certain amount of sense because nobody expects someone who's natally female to dominate a men's game in the same way they think someone with XY chromosomes will have unfair advantages in women's competitions.

To their credit, his teammates have treated his openness about his gender identity as a non-issue.  However, some people--including Allums' mother--- are accusing the GWU administration of discrimination because he's not being allowed to play in spite of being cleared by a team doctor. 

If and when he comes back, it will be very interesting to see how he fares.  Before his injuries, his scoring average and other statistics were typical of other players in his position.  

But now the university wants not only to keep him from playing, but also from talking openly about his identity and experience.  He has said that one of the reasons why he "came out" publicly is that he wants to help educate people about transgenders and what we're capable of.

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