08 May 2010

Off The Bike, Again!

Yesterday marked ten months since my surgery.  Before I know it, I (as I am now) will be a year old.

I just hope I can take a really nice ride that day.  Yesterday I found out I'm going to be off my bike again for another week or two. Just when the weather was getting good!

Over the last few days, I thought I might be developing an infection.  There was some yellowish discharge and I felt twinges, but not a burning sensation.  (The latter would have been an almost sure sign.)  So I went to see Dr. Jennifer.

She found a small tear inside and said that I should stay off my bike at least until my next visit, which will be next Friday.  Oh, dear.  I don't think of myself as superstitious (I have slept in cemeteries twice and walk, even at night,  by the one that abuts the campus where I teach.) but now I think that maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't have said anything about starting a bike blog!  

I will visit Dr. Jennifer again the week after next as well.  I just hope I heal before then.  Oh, please, great goddess of the transwoman cyclists, let me heal so I can get on my bike again.  Yes, even though my motives are selfish:  I want to ride and I've gotten fat.  

Now, without sounding too much like Joseph Campbell or anyone like that, I guess it's really true that one creates one's own mythology.  It doesn't even have to involve deities or powers:  Any belief by which someone chooses to live is a myth.  That, of course, doesn't necessarily mean that said belief isn't true.  At least, that's what I tell myself when I think that I'm going to win Lotto and that Elvis is coming back. ;-)

Oh well. I'm going to be very busy during the next couple of weeks.  So, maybe I wouldn't have been able to do much riding.  At least it's good to think that way.  But some is better than none.  And riding to work again has definitely made my workdays go by more quickly.  

Whatever I tell myself, I want to ride.  


Herzog said...

Hope you get better soon. I like cemeteries at night.

There is an old cemetery next to where I work and live -- it's very large and secluded. Sometimes if I'm having a panic attack/meltdown in the evening, I'll go and take a walk/ride through there. The atmosphere is at once terrifying (not because of ghosts) and therapeutic.

Velouria said...

Oh sh&t, I am sorry!

I hope the trans-goddess answers your calls soon and the blog idea will be back in your good graces : )

Also: THANK you for giving me the name to go with that quote, I have been going crazy trying to remember who said this. I use this idea in an art project I am working on, so it was particularly shameful that I'd forgotten where I read that exact quote.